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Design and Build Services


Between the different qualified and experienced members of our team, we possess the skill set to confidently offer a design and build service for an abundance of building Design and Construct, Commercial, Industrial and Refurbishment services along with Property Development, Design Services, Land Acquisition, Subdivision Development and much more. Here at KLH Projects, where we work in conjunction with accomplished architects, we thrive at working on small scale domestic ‘Grand Design’ self-built properties, high-tech homes, small jobs, such as house extensions and maintenance work to expansive commercial projects to cater to all of your construction needs.


Every project is different. As a result, each design and build project and Client has varying needs. We can deliver the format that best suits you from contracts that range from: Lump Sum, Design and Construct, Project Management, Construction Management or Budgeted Cost Plus (negotiated).

The benefit of our ‘Turnkey’ Design and Build contracts – the marriage between design and construction being our sole responsibility as the contractor- is that you can also be reasonably sure of the expense of a ‘turnkey’ project because the contract price is known from the onset. So provided the Client does not order changes during the construction of the work we will be (happily) obliged to complete the project for the agreed contract fee. This should help ease the stress of budgeting.


At KLH Projects our broad capabilities help make your project easy. A ‘turnkey’ design and build project system means that we can design, develop and deliver – we handle it all.  By bringing design and construction under one umbrella, the duration of Design & Build projects can be shorter, due to design and construction being able to be undertaken at the same time, though this does depend on how much design we are responsible for on a given project.

We can also obtain statutory approvals on your behalf, negotiate finance, and help with commercial leasing and land acquisition, offering support and advice in whatever area you need. Our attention and care detail means less worry and stress for you.


Along with complete customer satisfaction, a primary goal of KLH Projects is a safe, accident-free workplace. Our staff and contractors are all rigorously trained in up-to-date and relevant safe work systems, and because we understand that safety matters are ever changing, we undertake a system of continuous safety improvement.